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App icon SnailWrite is an educational game, the easier it is to children in early elementary school age to learn reading and writing. It will be developed here is in compliance in four different modes with different difficulty levels and different words visually processed. According to different principles appropriate child-friendly learning materials can be playfully. The four modes of play include, among other things, learning the words to the Hangman principle, as well as associating images to words and letters of the successive letters of a word.

Zukunft der Lehrbücher also Open Eudcational Resource (L3T)

App icon The app consits of slides of a talk given in June 2011 in Berlin. Mainly we were talking about ebooks in general and how lecture notes developing in future bearing in mind the OER-movement. As example L3T (free available textbook on technology enhanced learning) and all furhter activities are shown. Pictures as well as some Videos are part of the presentation and app.
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App icon The 1×1 Trainer is a learning game for children who are trying to master the tables up to ten. There are two ways to play: The Trainer, where you need to create an account to play and all your learning progress will be saved online for you to keep track. The Speedgame, where you just play a simple 1×1-Game with a time-limit depending on the chosen difficulty and try to answer as many of the 20 presented examples as possible. The better you perform, the higher your Score will be. This App provides a nice and fun learning experience, motivating the children to improve their abilities and keeping frustration to a minimum! Have Fun!