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[ipad] book: iPads in the Classroom

The second volume of our book series „Internet-Technology and Society“ (ITuG) is now published. It’s about our experiences with the use of iPads in classrooms. Sabrina’s master thesis with the title „iPads in the Classroom“ is now online available.


The current media landscape is changing and growing at a fast pace which is increasingly affecting the school sector. Numerous schools all over the world have already focused on the value added to lessons by tablet computers, such as Apple’s iPad. A myriad of learning applications and ways to transfer subject matters are provided on and through such devices. However, at the present time, there is little experience with respect to the didactically reasonable inclusion of tablets in schools. Therefore, the motivation of this book, which is based on a diploma thesis, is to provide a general overview of the didactical integration of tablets, in this case, Apple’s iPad. Within a field experiment educational apps are being tested and evaluated according to the Austrian curriculum for foreign languages as well as iOS Human Interface Guidelines that focus on user interface and user experience

The book is published by our partner Book-on-Demand.

Reference: Huber, S. (2012) iPads in the Classroom, Ebner, M. & Schön, S. (ed.), Internet-Technology and Society, Volume 2, Book on Demand, Norderstedt


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