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App icon FluidColors helps with learning how to mix colors.
The goal of the game is to mix 3 random colors with red, green, and blue fluids.
By pressing the pipes at the top of the screen the fluids are released. These can be redirected to the desired bucket by drawing lines on the screen. As soon as the color in the bucket matches the target color the bucket will close. If all three buckets are closed the game ends.

Play & Learn Colors

App icon „Play and Learn Colors“ is a fun way to learn colors in english. First, select one of the two currently available worlds: balloons or ships. Wait for the color to be pronounced and select the object in the correct color. Learn new colors as you play. Quit any time you like and start again with the colors you have already learned. The start screen provides a unique overview of all previously learned colors in both worlds. Play, learn and enjoy great graphics on your iPhone or iPad.