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Technical details


Is an iPad enough?

The first lessons were taught only with the aid of iPads… no blackboard, no whiteboard, no projector. However, this is not enough since students were unable to cope with all the instructions. Although they had them on their iPads (on their Dropbox-Account, which I will write about later), most of the students had problems finding them. When I started working with a projector, the amount of explanations could be strikingly decreased. I would always make sure to be in a room with a projectoror smart board, especially when something new is explained. Students, particularly the younger ones, need a lot of help when it comes to new applications. Very often symbols in various apps were not intuitive enough for them.

Make sure you have a VGA adapter for your projector.

For individual listening comprehensions you have to provide students with earplugs (those with standard jack plugs are fine), otherwise it gets much too loud in class. Most of the students have MP3-Players so you can tell them to take their own earplugs.

When I did listening comprehensions for the whole class I used my mini-loudspeakers (very flexible). I bought them for my MP3 player once (for about 10 Euros) – again, they have a standard jack plug).