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[iPad in School] TeacherPal – We get ourselves organised!

What’s the best way for teachers to get organised on the iPad? A tool to track students’ grades, cooperation, attendance and behaviour is needed.

I discovered a free app called TeacherPal that enables all those functions. It has a very straightforward user interface and a great deal of options to organise classes and students.

Even if you are terrible at remembering names this app will help you to improve quickly. I took a photo of each student, added names and the respective number of the iPad so students always got the same device.

If you have a special seating plan you can arrange the pictures according to it. Further, you can send emails to all students (and/or parents), make general notes, access and modify files in your Dropbox and add gradable items. The latter automatically calculates grades (if you add a max. grad and its weight).

TeacherPal by ITWorx in the App Store